Saturday, May 05, 2007

New Adventures Ahead

We've been lucky again - our beloved CC sold in a trice it seemed - she found a new owner while we were on holiday in Canada.

So now what? We've packed our bags and made our way from Malaysia to Europe - to the south of France the moment, where we are enjoying the peace and quiet of the rural countryside. We're living in a Chateau, learning French and enjoying the very different weather. Lucky for us we haven't had the bad weather that northen Europe is facing.

And to keep us occupied we are looking for our new home. We have seen and are interested in a realy old barge. Built in 1920, this vessel is 16.6 metres long, built of steel and would provide us with the same sort of living space as a small apartment. Quite change from the confines of our little sailboat.

Enough said - we have to get a survey and the bottom sandblasted and repainted - before we take full ownership, so let's wait until the deal is signed and sealed before we say any more.

However - we are looking forward to new adventures exploring the waterways of Europe - most likely in Holland to begin with (or is it the Netherlands now?) then a trip through Belgium to come back here (Caumont sur Garonne) for the winter. After that - who know? There's lots to see and do.


Our adventures over the past eight years have taken us through the Caribbean, through the Panama Canal, down to South America and across Pacific Ocean.

We've feted birthdays and weddings on perfect beaches in the Caribbean; lost our breath on snow capped mountains in Peru; celebrated with Kuna Yala Indians of the San Blas; swum with the rays in the pristine waters off Moorea and spent countless nights watching the stars decorating the night skies as we sailed across smooth seas.

On the other hand we’ve sweated tears mending broken equipment, frightened ourselves in foul weather, said many goodbyes to good friends and missed our growing family at home. But this gypsy lifestyle has suited us and we are looking forward to visiting more exotic places – Indonesia, Thailand, India are in the future.

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wanita said...

Thanks for the update June 12. How long will you be in NZ for?
Its hot here. Did a three day trip to Virgina on the Patomic to pick up a friends husband who was putting their boat to bed for the summer. Folding sails in 90F ouch.
Will be sailing in Michican in July with friends from Florida. Can't afford too much traveling.
Miss you

Joe said...

Mike and Deirdre,

So great to hear from you guys. It sounds as if you are having a great time, still out there enjoying the cruising lifestyle. The best part about cruising is the friends you make along the way. Please keep me posted on your adventures. Now that I have your blog bookmarked, it will be a lot easier for me to keep up with your adventures.

Fair winds..................Joe(Music)

scribbler said...

Deirdre & Mike

Thanks for the note. I'm sure many of your readers are envious, as I am, of the great adventure you are having. Nice to experience it vicariously, through the blog. I'm aware of others who have just set off on a similar adventure and should be following yours with some interest. The Ciupas have had their boat in Niagara on the Lake for some time, getting it ready. They are now off on their voyage, and also have a blog recording it all.

Do keep an eye out for other Cabots as you go. It would be especially nice to locate some of those "missing" boats on our owner's list.

Also, send some good pics that we can post on the cabot blog.

Fair winds,


scribbler said...

me again.

have tried to put a link to your blog on the cabot blog. I think I've done it correctly, but it isn't showing up just yet. I'll keep checking.


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